Our Expertise


Work together to formulate your strategy for data analysis and AI fitting your business operating framework requirements.

Work with IT teams on future system landscapes that are effective, optimal and fit for purpose.

System Analysis

Set up and analyse data & databases to manage your business.

Review system design and perform analysis to mitigate future risks and support enhancements required due to regulatory change.

Process Improvement

Review and improve processes and data flows for systems used to manage your business.

Support decommissioning of legacy data systems to eliminate significant inefficiencies, data delays and remediation risk.

Investigation & Remediation

Support, validate and investigate data issues, develop repeatable, robust quality controls and end-to-end data quality reports.

Quantify compensation amounts arising due to data and system issues across policy & claims data, and reinsurance compensation projects.

Recommend ways to mitigate the risk of issue recurrence in the future.


Provide services including, but not limited to, reinsurance system builds, using data analysis to derive the optimal reinsurance structures, and reinsurance remediation calculations.

With years of reinsurance market experience, we are adept at providing reinsurance support to your business.

Machine Learning & AI

Utilise the latest Machine Learning & AI techniques to generate detailed insights into your data.

Improve and automate data flows to enable greater focus on analysis and insights.

Successful Projects

Find examples of just some of the great work we've done with clients below.

Data Remediation

Determined calculation methodology and quantified remediation amounts for historic data issues.

System Development

Provided thought leadership and development expertise for new system and database designs.

Prophet Development

Provided technical and development support for MPF data requirements and Prophet modelling changes.

Data Quality Framework

Developed a data quality framework and set of data validations to uplift data quality.

Process Improvement and Automation

Developed tools to enable more efficient processing, validation and transformation of data.

Ad-hoc Investigations

Investigated and determined the root cause of systemic data deficiencies in downstream reports.