Our Expertise

Valuation and Capital

Provide expertise on valuation, capital, actuarial modelling, analysis, year-end financial reporting and IFRS17 implementation.

Utilise our extensive experience in process improvement to help streamline your valuation and capital processes.

Pricing and Product

Support all stages of product design, product and retention initiatives, target market determination and analysis.

Perform claims investigations, develop risk and mitigation strategies and optimise reinsurance support.

Experience Analysis

Utilise our expertise in data, analytics, visualisation and modelling capabilities.

Perform your experience analysis and investigations. Draw insights for you from your data.

Regulatory Reporting

Provide a range of services to assist with regulatory submissions and compliance, liabilities and regulatory capital submissions and disclosures.

e.g. APRA, FSC and ASIC submissions.


Provide tailored solutions to modelling using traditional Actuarial projection software packages: Prophet, Moses/Risk Agility, AXIS.

Services we can provide include integration of models for M&A activity, implementation of product, pricing and regulatory changes (e.g. IFRS17) or enhancements to existing models.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Support your business integrating changes due to M&A activity such as system & data integration, streamlining data flows and integrating actuarial models (e.g. Prophet).

Leverage our expertise in M&A integration projects and experience working with major life insurers' data and products.

Successful Projects

Find examples of just some of the great work we've done with clients below.

Valuation, Pricing & Capital Expertise

Provided expertise for resource gaps in valuation, pricing and capital roles.

Prophet Development

Provided technical and development support for MPF data requirements and Prophet modelling changes.

UAT & Implementation

Developed test cases and performed testing on changes for valuation and capital processes.

Mergers & Acquisitions Implementation

Performed analysis and developed requirements for changes driven by M&A.

Regulatory Reporting Submissions

Developed returns and performed reconciliations for APRA and FSC submissions.

Ad-hoc Investigations

Performed ad-hoc investigations on discrepancies in Analysis of Profit results and reinsurance data issues.